Selfie craze claims more lives every year


Selfie lovers are immediately adopting the new trend of taking selfies as soon as it reaches to them. First, duck selfie then fish gape selfie and one after another, but stays into the action for a brief moment. The speed of taking selfies increased, basically, from the year 2013 ever since the craze of photography through Smartphone comes into race.

One thing that always hurt is the death rate— vastly increased in the recent times during taking selfies, basically by Youth. Yes, youth including the students of colleges, schools and many other sections of citizens also registered their name into the death list (serious issue to overcome). Selfie lovers finds excuses for taking selfies, no matter where the place and what the situation is.

Here we have list of deaths/ year due to selfie.

  Years     Number of deaths
2013     2
2014    14
2015    51
2016 ?

You can see from the table that according to the report there are only 2 people died in 2013, but as its craze increased , death rate is also increased. The craze of selfie took 51 lives in 2015 (looks like any horrific tragedy).

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