Best tips and Apps For Taking New Year selfies

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The craze for selfies is growing day to day like an addiction among the younger, old, men and women of all age group. Since taking selfie is the combination of art and technology. So it is essential for the users to know the perfect techniques related to it.

We are mentioning few tips along with the apps for taking impressive and lovely selfies for you to welcome the New Year.

  1. Tilt the Head at an angle:-

This simple trick is so common that the users ignore it but this trick highlights the cheekbones and makes the eye bigger so that sefiie snaps the perfect image of the face.

  1. Look for Perfect light:-

For capturing selfie, here the natural light plays an important role. The perfect light is essential for clear and sharp images so always utilize and take advantage of natural or artificial lights present around you that may include from windows to doors or may be LED bulb for better selfie.

  1. Never forget the use of fan(for girls only ):-

Switch on the fan for getting the glamorous movement in your hair, which is definitely a pose for better selife, so put away the fan 1-2 feet away from yourself.

  1. Take it easy:-

Take selife as fun and if you are in good mood than think of your selfie only. Because you’re better mood with glazing face will definitely attract your followers not your gloomy face. Never forget look at your face in the mirror before taking selfie.

  1. Hold The Camera in perfect direction:-

The camera in perfect direction as well as in better angle will definitely essential for getting perfect selfie  so, it needs to hold the camera above the head which show off your attractive outfit.


Best Apps for editing your selifes:


We come with some of the selected apps which play an important role in editing the captured selfies to make the lovable selfies which will be impressed by everyone.

  1. Candy Camera: – It is one of the topmost apps which fulfill the requirement of the users who are dedicated to selfies.

It comes with lots of features including:-

  • Filters for Selfies
  • Beauty Functions
  • Stickers
  • Silent Camera
  • Collage

To Download the apps click here.

  1. Retrica :-

It is a simple photo taking and sharing app with a near infinite combination of live filters, layout, editing, social and secret sharing options. The users can shoot a number of ways and can share it with their friends or their beloved.

It has lots of features including:-

  • Social
  • Live Filters
  • Live Layouts
  • Creative Edits

To download the apps click here:-

Best selfies Apps for iPhone or iPad users:- There are also some of the best selfies Apps for iPhone or iPad users through which the users can enjoy during capturing selfies.

  1. AirBrush :-

It is one of the easy, precise photo editing tools which is designed particularly for those persons who loves to take daily selfie. It comes with 15 New Filters which is sufficient to give a amazing experience.

It works in a impressive way as it brightening the picture and adding the required amount of lighting to the captured selfie.

To download the app click here:-

  1. YouCam Perfect :-

It is also one of the best app to make the every picture perfect and outstanding captured by selfies.

The filters which are present in it is very appreciable and the users can do a lot of twist easily. It can even brighten tired eyes, adjust skin tone, remove blemishes.

To download the app click here:-

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