Capture low-light selfie using WhatsApp

whatsapp Recently we published Facebook coming with new selfie mode for selfie lovers. Now WhatsApp coming with latest features for the selfie lover’s .The users will get the latest beta version (2.16.264) of WhatsApp through which they have the ability to send animated GIFs. It also offers the users to take selfie in low light conditions.
Just you have to take few steps to using the beta app. First of all, click the camera icon to go to photo mode and then switch to the front camera. After that tap the flash icon at the top left to give more light to your selfie to ignore any problem related to dim light. Those selfie lovers who haven’t flash in their front-facing camera, needn’t to worry, the app will light up the display so that your face will get sufficient brightness for taking selfie .

The latest app also comes with another feature which is a doodle tool. It gives the option to the users to doodle on photos before sending, but here you have to remember that photos should be captured from only WhatsApp’s camera tool and not from your gallery. It also comes lots of options including free drawing, emoji, stickers, and text overlay, which you can save and send.

Since, we have no information about the introduction of these features, but there is lots of expectation that it will make it official within one-two months.


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