Bella Hadid selfie when her pants around ankles

bella-hadid-selfieSometimes we take our selfie anytime anywhere and share it on the spur of the moment to our friends and our followers and the same thing we guess is happening with the case of Bella Hadid or maybe intentionally. Recently, the model’s makeup artist Vincent Oquendo posted a mirror selfie, which was taken during making the cut for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion. Anyway, Bella is beautiful, but the question is that did she really forget to remove her whole pants, which is around her ankles (See the figure above) or she wanted to add quirk in the selfie to get the attention of the viewers quickly.

The man (Oquendo) who shared the image only stated that ““Congrats my little baby bells on getting @victoriassecret !” he wrote, unhelpfully. “It’s been a beautiful ride so far and I can’t wait to see what’s next! ❤️ #proud #blessed #worlddomination.”

Here is what Bella captioned There is no better feeling than being confirmed for the @victoriassecret fashion show !!! 👙👠What a dream come true..I feel so appreciative and excited! Thank you for this opportunity to walk next to some of the most inspiring and incredible women in the world!💪🏼Thank YOU from the deepest part of my heart.”

You should know that just after the photo was taken, she had to go for an audition, plus the funniest part is that Bella was in same costume while entering into the audition. But after interview, Bella said “I kind of black out when I go in there. I’m in my underwear, this is fun. But I’m happy with it — I think! I hope they’re happy.

Jennifer Lopez on the Boxing court — Shoots for her show

jenifer-lopezShe is 47, but still her beauty takes the attention of her fans. She keeps us occupying through her sensational songs and then her strong roles in the films. Well, do you have any guess the lady we are talking about? We are talking about the American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer none other than beautiful Jennifer Lopez.

jenifer-lopezRecently, Lopez shared her image on Instagram where she is busy shooting for boxing scenes for her TV show Shades of Blue on Friday. Actually, the boxing scene was shot at a Manhattan Boxing club. Talking about her dress, she was in gray tank top over a black bra and black leggings. Sweat is all around her face.

Her present time works, she also has signed for “Love Makes the World Go Round”- a tribute to the Pulse nightclub victims by joining hands with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Shakira celebrates her Father’s 85th birthday- Shared selfies

shakira selfie with her father

You can’t stop listening the mesmerize voice of her that always takes the attention of the audiences immediately —her songs always succeed to leave mark infront of her audiences and Fans. Yes of course, these all words are right fit for Shakira—the Colombian rockstar has recently shared her photos while she celebrating her Father’s 85th Birthday with other family members.

She took selfie with her father with smiley faces “Happy 85th Birthday, papi!!!” Moreover, she also shared a photo of herself with her father and mother and captioned it saying, “Thank you all for your warm messages full of beautiful wishes for my dad on his birthday!”

Her Father is William Mebarak Chadid

Mel B’s killer body on her new selfie click

Meli BMel B’s killer body on her new selfie click

We were astonished looking at the incredible body of Mel B, when she shared her selfie on Instagram that taken on during her Post- workout. From the image, one can easily see that she took her selfie from every angle. Maybe, she wanted her fans to see her stunning abs body and of course she’s looking amazing in this selfie.

This is what Mel B captioned

Mel, 41, captioned the fitness snap: “Workout in my home gym finished boom see you all tonight live for@nbcagt #nofilterneeded”

In a brief one can say that this America Got Talent judge just revealed the secret of her killer body look.

Kourteny Kardashian is 5 ft. tall used a chair to take selfie

KourtenyUsually, the crazy selfie lovers try to take their selfies from very unique angles or sometimes by sleeping, after bathing with soaked hair and by many poses. But recently, we got surprised that the beautiful Television Personality Kourteny Kardashian had to use chair to get her own perfect selfie. Yes, it seems crazy, but may be due to her short height of only 5-feet, she might have to do so.
Kourteny Kardashian, 37-years old shared her own selfie with swimsuit physique, where you can see her standing on a chair and taking selfie. Actually, she is on Vacation in Nantucket with ex Scott Disick, 33.