Look the items selfie lovers spend on


It is often seen that a selfie taker experiment a lot of things on her/him before taking selfie or until the perfect shot is taken.

Take a look at the items, the selling point of which increased much immediately all due to widely used by the selfie takers.

Lipstick– Looking at the present selling rate of Lipstick, it’s expected that its sales may touch the range of £306m by the end of this year. However, there was 12% growth in the selling rate of Lipstick previous year.

Selfie sticks-   The speed in the sales of Selfie sticks basically came in Christmas, 2014 with a 300% sales rise on Amazon between September and November and at the same time, one report revealed that eBay sold one every 30 seconds.

HD Makeup- New readers might confuse with the word HD, which we usually take to define the video format of camera or movies. Let’s tell you what this HD makeup is? Actually, HD makeup is the way through which a person can hide his/her wrinkles or unwanted scars from the face by heavy makeup. There may be mica, silicone, crystals, or quartz (any one), which is used in the skin that helps to scatter light in subtle ways.

Cosmetic Surgery- The primary motive of the crazy selfie lovers is how they look pretty in selfie. For instance, Trina Lavey, the LA-based TV producer has spent more than $12,000 on surgery, including to her eyes and chin, in order to look better in selfies. Maybe, there will be many like Triana Lavey, who have also been precipitately investing on cosmetic surgery.

Source- theguardian.com

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