Finally Gorilla Glass 5 for High-End Smartphones


Gorilla Glass 5

It’s practically accepted by the smartphone users that Gorilla Glass is real protector of the screen that is scratch resistance. Corning’s continuous contribution towards manufacturing these remarkable glasses deserves admiration. Recently, Corning finished its latest Gorilla Glass 5 that should get the attention of the high end smartphones and it is claimed that along with scratch resistance the glass can also provide protection when your phone accidentally fallen from your hand, even if it’s slipped during taking selfie what we call “selfie height”.

In general, selfie lovers like to take selfies from any angle or from any height, but with this Gorilla Glass 5, nothing will happen to phone even if it is fallen from height of 5- foot. However, if you take your head back to see all the previous glasses made by Gorilla were limited to 3-foot only.

If you have Samsung S7, then you must know that Gorilla Glass 4 has been implemented into the design, however, S7 is high-end smartphone, but if it’s dropped from the height of more than 5- Foot, may  have unluckily damaged (not shatter-resistant), which cannot with latest Gorilla Glass 5. The glass is as thickness as 0.3-millimeter only.

One thing Gorilla Glass won’t be is expensive: glass typically makes up less than 1 percent of the cost of a typical smartphone.

You should know that there are overall forty smartphone manufacturers around the world use the gorilla glass, but what we hope is now that whatever the high-end smartphone Samsung could bring in the coming years should utilize this incredible Gorilla Glass 5, maybe in Samsung Galaxy S8. However, Not only Samsung Companies like LG, HTC etc will also use it. iPhone7 is also in the line.

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