How to delete Instagram account temporarily

disable instagram account

Maybe, due to your busy life schedule you are not able to manage to give a good amount of time to Instagram or any social media services. So, probably for a shorter timeframe you feel better to keep distance from the Instagram and want to delete your account temporarily. But unfortunately, you who don’t have well concept how to delete it for a time being?

Here we are suggesting you a few but easy methods so that you can temporarily disable your Instagram account.


But before writing any method we would like to make you clear that temporarily delete doesn’t mean you will lose everything (photos, comments and likes) but your stuffs will be hidden until you reactivate your account.

Methods to delete Instagram account temporarily

  • Visit
  • Enter your Username and Password and Click Log in
  • And then Select “Edit profile” (Next after the username)
  • “Temporarily disable my account” is the option you have to click next.
  • Then you have to choose the option Before You Go, Please Tell Us Why option (Means you need to give the reason why you want to disable your account)
  • Select anyone from the options like “privacy concerns”, “too busy/too distracting”, and much more options are also available there.
  • To continue the process of temporarily deleting you have to re-enter your password again.
  • Click on temporarily Deactivate My Account
  • Click OK and your job is done.

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