How to take better selfies (Tips)

Many of you take countless number of selfies in a day, may be you are addicted to take more and more selfies with your friends, relatives or with your acquaintances. Though, it’s true that front camera of your smartphone or iPhone is a bit lower than the rear camera in terms of quality and sharpness, despite of having the same resolution in both sides.


The selfie lovers always ready to splurge their precious cash on buying the smartphone, doesn’t matter how the price is, but if we give a little try to take the better self shot of ours with front camera of smartphone then we don’t have to move for purchasing higher budget mobiles.


So, here we are giving a few handy tips through which you can get your best selfie shots, believe you’ll get an unexpected result.

images (1)Know which angle is better– Just keep on taking shots from various angles or from any odd angle and choose the angle from where you got the best shots.

When you are trying your own shots with the front camera then better to hold your camera a slightly above you face and try it with the same angle you can get excellent shots of yours.

Don’t forget to display your facial expression– What the main thing you want to show through the selfie is important. Suppose you have done some beauty work on the face then start to take the shots over and over again until you’ve got the best shots.

Unique face–  If you want someone to like your face quickly on the social networks then you have to make your face much unique, so that before scrolling down they must hit atleast one like and comments also at your photos.

Knowledge of light– From every normal person to a professional photographer, taking selfie is just a common thing now a days. But, everybody doesn’t have the knowledge of lights. They don’t know the amount of light needs in the conditions, so that better selfie can be taken. Suppose the particular thing you want to show through your selfie is the beauty work you recently have done, and if there is bad lightings then the shot may miss display your beauty.

Natural Look- How you always look like, means take your selfie when you are at your home with your casual dress, without makeup. Let the world to see the way you generally look.

Background- Search a good place from where you can get an attractive background. Find a background where your image can fit with well, instead of taking selfies at wherever you want.

Keep On taking shots– When you continue to take shots means you’ll have ample options to choose the best from all your shots you have taken. But try to take better photos in less shots.

Use photo editing apps-Take the help of apps to edit the taken shots so that you can add some more flavors to your photos to get the more attention of your Instagram followers. So many editing filters are available, like you can glow your face, you also can adjust your photos in much better way.