Instagram- Likes and Followers Analysis

capture1Aris Lancrescent who is a marketing consultant of Berlin, Germany surveyed the Instagram in May,2016 and followed more than 10000 followers for one month and came with the result as follows:-
Likes Received: 10,491, New Followers: 858, Days Covered: 31, Daily Average: 28, Starting Followers: 24, Ending Followers: 722 Retention Rate: 81%.
Capture2He put all the datas graphically and found that the number of likes received and increase in new followers are proportionally with the number of posts and followers of his account.
On reviewing the 6th, 11th, and 18th days of the month, he get shocked as on these three days he liked the photos, which was his personal favorites, and he had full confidence that the other viewers will also like his personal feeling related to the photos posted but he was wrong, the photos were totally ignored and got worst response towards it.
On 19th and 20th of the month, he kept his account blank and didn’t post anything, but in the mean time he interacts with other accounts and hence the interactions received the likes and comments.
At 6pm CET on 21st, he found the followers were lower than usual numbers.

On 26th, 27th and the 26th, 27th, and 28th were a test of how long the existing posts can carry the account, if the account is completely neglected.
On 26th, 27th, and 28th, he also tested how much time the existing posts get the support from the viewers; he found the account, totally ignored.
Capture3After that he found that Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to post .The reason behind it is that after enjoying the weekend holiday , the people are not in mood to work just after relaxation , so they spend more time in checking Instagram .
Saturday is the worst day to post on Instagram, as it’s the weekend and the people want to take full enjoy of the weekend and they doesn’t like to check the Instagram account.
Capture 4The best time to check Instagram are 12 (noon), 15 (3pm), and 18 (6pm). Since it is the time when people are not working or not much work to do, because it is a lunch time and people are in talkative mood. Since 12(noon) is lunch time for Europe and end of day commute for Asia. 15(3pm) is start of day commute for US east coast and post-prime time for Asia and 18(6pm) is the end of day commute for Europe and also the lunch time for US east coast, and start of day commute for US west coast.

Hence it is the analysis, which is based on the likes of the people towards the accounts in different situations.

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