Kylie Jenner’s selfie shows the natural beauty of her with zero makeup

So many secrets are behind the beautiful face of any actress, what normally makes them beauty is the perfect makeup. It’s not so simple to maintain the same beauty from dawn to twilight as due to their hectic schedule. But looking at Kylie Jenner’s latest selfie that is posted at Instagram reveals that she really doesn’t need the heavy make up to keep her look pretty all the time.

When she was asked in a recent interview to say something about her makeup routine, she answered that she still has to grow up and this is not the right age to wear such heavy makeup all the time. She also added, wearing heavy makeup may adversely affect your skin, but due to keep myself active for photo shoots or red carpet events I would prefer to look good.


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But the Instagram photo of Kylie Jenner’s shared by herself without make up clearly shows how much the beautiful Kylie is, and that may be the particular reason that she drew more than a million likes in the social network Facebook by her fans.

Kylie Jenner’s Before and after makeup

We are adding an image of Kylie Jenner’s in her full make up that will go to show off the difference between with and without make up of media rockstar.

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