Latest selfie trend- Fish Gape selfie

The age of Duck Face (Popular trend of taking selfie) is almost over and the youth is stepping towards the new trend of taking selfie called Fish gape (a slight opened mouth and a few teeth are partially visible).

Not only Celebrities and youth, but every section of citizens who loves the passion of taking and sharing their selfie on the Instagram or in other Social Medias are welcoming this completely new fashion to display their Fish Gape pose. You just can’t measure the craziness of this Fish Gape selfie, as soon as any Reality or film star posted their selfie on the Instagram get hit with thousands to millions of likes by their fans within a shorter frame of time.

Eventually, the most exciting thing is valid to see is how long this new trend selfie can cope with this quick changing fashion where things are changing at the light speed.

Latest selfie trend- Fish Gape selfie Images

The new Trend selfie

Fishgape selfie sample images fish gape selfie image



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