Samsung Galaxy S8 may have 4K resolution Display


Samsung Galaxy S8

You might already have known that Samsung is at serious development of our dream smartphone called Samsung Galaxy S8. This will be the high end smartphone from Samsung and rumors related to this S8 smartphone of Samsung has recently surfaced over the web. According to the rumor, the display that Samsung is going to integrate on its upcoming S8 smartphone maybe 4K resolution. However, even when Samsung already has its own VR headset with the Gear VR, still Google has taken the responsibility to set its own Daydream VR standard.

A codename is being used for S8, which seems to have taken from this very google’s Daydream VR standard. Moreover, the rumor also suggests that Samsung S8 will come with completely new kind of operating system, unlike all its previous smartphones.

The S8 may have USB Type-C reversible charging port, allowing the smartphone for fast charging and quicker data transfers.

These were just the little amount of rumors related to the upcoming S8 smartphone from Samsung, however, the announcement date is expected to be in MWC (Mobile World Congress) in 2017.

Via- Digitaltrends

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