Samsung S7 Vs LG G5- Best selfie smartphone

samsungRecently, both the tech giants Samsung and LG launched their flagship devices Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 respectively.

So, now it is important for the users to know which one will give better result during taking selife.

As we know for taking better selfie the front-facing camera with magnificent features will definitely be the winner.Here we will highlight the features of front-facing of both the smartphones so that you can clearly know yourself which will be better for you.

Samsung Galaxy S7 has front-facing camera of 5MP with f/1.7 aperture with dual-tone LED flash for taking selife even in low-light conditions. While, LG G5 has also front-facing camera of 8MP for capturing selfie.

So if we see the features of the front-facing cameras of both the devices, we will see Samsung gives the details of its aperture while LG has showed its smartness and only revealed the resolution of its secondary camera without the aperture value .Even we visited most of the sites for knowing reality behind it but no any sites help me to know the aperture truth of its camera.

As we know the aperture plays an important role in photography because it affects the depth of field and for your convenience, we want to make you known that the smaller the aperture, the greater is the zone of sharpness while bigger the aperture, the zone of sharpness is reduced.

Here, Samsung Galaxy S7 has front-facing camera with lesser resolutions of 5MP with f/1.7 aperture, which means the front facing camera of Galaxy is the combination of low resolution with less aperture value compare to the higher resolution of 8MP with unknown aperture (it may be greater value than f/1.7).

So there is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S7 will be superior for taking selfie even in low light conditions compare to LG G5.

The one thing we should also remember that rear camera of Samsung Galaxy features world’s first Dual Pixel sensor that can focus on the objects blazingly fast as all the pixels are used for focusing on the objects, f/1.7 aperture and dual-tone LED flash for stunning captures even in low-light conditions.

Hence, if we see the technical wise overall performance than there is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S7 is superior to LG G5.

Since there is a request to the readers that if you have some information related to the aperture of front-facing camera of LG G5 then please share with us and send us on our mail.


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