Selfie Addiction



Before Selfie Addiction let’s know about selfie – The word “Selfie” made its place in the dictionary in 2013. The word “selfie” was elected “Word of the Year 2013” by the Oxford English Dictionary. It is defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”.

At the beginning there was no problem with the word. But in recent days the word became havoc among the persons due to psychological reasons.

As we know, today is the world of internet,  smartphones  Facebook and Twitter and undoubtedly selfie is closely related to all these.

Today the trend of taking smartphone selfies is growing much faster at the same time it affects the mental health badly on the condition that focus on a person’s obsession with their look. Both the men and women are equally addicted to selfie craze and it starts with the desire to look at ourselves to put ourselves on display and get the approval of others.

Selfie Addiction

Taking one or two selfie is normal but the continuous intake of selfies will definitely harming themselves in many ways with each selfie shot.

The person who spends more time with selfie may meet with digital narcissism, which puts enormous pressure to gain unproductive goals.

The addiction to the selfie is increased step wise ,when the person pay close attention to the likes or comments on their posted selfie and also attached it madly to become the top gainer of likes and make it as the aim of life.

The psychiatrists believed that in long run, the addiction open the path for brain problems in the future added with lack of confidence.

According to senior researcher at the Federal Medical Research Center of Psychiatry and Addiction at the Ministry of Health of Russia Lev Perezhogin, “A selfie is essentially a self-portrait. Self-portraits were present in the work of almost every artist, this is self-expression.” Basically, at face value there is no harm, no foul in taking the occasional selfie. This phenomenon becomes an issue when taking and documenting one’s self portrait becomes a daily routine.

So , ones life shouldn’t be counted by the number of selfies taken , just take it as entertainment  , not made a daily routine because there is life beyond the selfie.