Selfie takes life of an Indian athlete in India


Selfie takes life of an Indian athlete in India

If she was alive, she might emerge as an icon for future in India or might be the world would know the country by her name, but unluckily, the craze of taking selfie erased her life cycle within a very short frame of time.

Actually, Pooja Kumari, a national level athlete in India accidentally fell down into lake and floundered to death. This incident occurred when she was returning her campus (Sports Authority of India (SAI) academy campus in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh) after finishing her practice session. Pooja was taking her selfie with two other female athletes might be her friends near the harvesting plant (situated behind a cricket field on the SAI campus), reports said she didn’t know swimming.

This twenty years old athlete was in Campus for last two years and her skilled let her to win sub-junior national level gold in Delhi. For her bright performance, she was quickly promoted to the SAI Centre of Excellence.

Via- Indianexpress

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