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A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, which is taken with a digital camera or smartphone held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick. Most of the celebrities of all the fields like Hollywood, Bollywood , players of different sports and also most of the  renowned  persons of the world are attracted by its craze. They often share their selfies on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to approach more and more fans and always they want to feel the limelight of every moment.

Most selfies are taken with a camera or smartphone held at arm’s length or also a selfie stick may be used for this purpose.

The first selfie taken by


An American photographer Robert Cornelius first introduced this miraculous art of capturing self –portrait named selfie. He first took the selfie in 1839.

But after recognition of “Selfie”, it took more than 150 years to make its place in the dictionary in 2013.

word-of-the-yearThe word “selfie” was elected “Word of the Year 2013” by the Oxford English Dictionary. It is defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”.

The first selfie smartphone

sony-ericsonThe introduction of the word selfie was first shown in an Australian internet forum on 13 September 2002 and the credit for capturing first selfie from a mobile phone goes to the Sony Ericsson Z1010 mobile phone, which was released in late 2003.


Today the trend of taking smartphone selfies is growing much faster among the old or the young ones even men or women. Both the gender are totally affected by the craze of selfie and post their selfies to get more and more likes as well as positive comments .

Since there are a few reasons which force the users to post their selfie on social sites:-

But why people post selfie online

Demand of Love:-

When a user of any age group posts a selfie on social sites, they wait eagerly for likes or comments from their friends or relatives even from the global strangers. Since it is a human nature that demands love, affection and deep desire to be loved by someone even the person we don’t know or see ever. When we don’t feel loved, we feel empty, hopeless and depressed, which is not better for self-confidence.


As we know even an ugly person has also self-respect and to keep them occupying, the social sites are solid platform for them to gain confidence by posting plastic selfies of different situations.


Wants to be accepted:-


When the users get the more positive comments or more likes on its posted selfie,  then the one thought definitely raises into the mind that he or she is the luckiest person in the world that, so many acceptance are coming for his/her approval .

Hence, such type of thought goes through their mind that someone will definitely propose in near future.

New Vs old –Duck face Vs Fish gape


Mostly two types of Selfie Trends are going on these days- first the Duck face and the second Fish gape. The Duck Face is a trend of photographic pose in which the persons presses their lips together as in a pout and often with simultaneously sucked cheeks. The facial expression gives the feeling of sympathy, attractiveness, and friendliness to the viewers.

Current Selfie trends


While the ‘fish gape’ is the latest selfie trend popular on social media. In such trend of selfie , the users have to make the ‘surprised face, expression on his /her face with slightly parted lips, sometimes showing a bit of teeth, just like the facial pose made by the fish underwater during breathing oxygen through their gills . The expression of the users face comes with a relaxed jaw, tilted down chin, sucked in cheeks, tucked tongue and dimmed, narrowed eyes, the face is meant to look seductive.

Other name of selfie

SelfieAs we know there are different name for the term “Group Selfie” in different countries , such as the term “groufie” has been trademarked by Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei Technologies in China, France, Germany, Russia, and the U.S. Since such name was introduced during launching of Huawei Ascend P7 in 2014. Since, the smartphone has the capability of capturing better selfies with its front-facing camera of 8MP.

The name for “Group Selfie” is “wefie”, which is trademarked by the manufacturer of smartphones Samsung in the US at the time of promoting the wide-angle lens of its NX series of cameras.


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