Shah Rukh Khan’s selfie with Zayn Malik tweeted for maximum 141,000 times

shah zayn

The process of reaching out to the fans via social networks by almost all the stars of the world either celebrities, politicians or any other is going on much rapidly.  As soon as a celebrity has twitted something on his twitter account, swarms of his/her fans and media across the planet start to re-twit or read it.

Now we are talking about Shah Rukh Khan, the living legend of Bollywood whose fans following are wide across the world. His position is second in India with 16.5 million followers at twitter after another legendary Amitabh Bachchan.

A selfie (much rare) of Shah Rukh Khan with, Zayn Malik (British band One Direction’s former member) at the Asian Awards in London in April, was re-twitted over 141,000 times and got the views for almost 18.3 million times, declared as Golden Tweet of 2015.