Smartphones should recognise ‘no selfie’ areas

smartphones-should-detect-no-selfie-areasAs we see lots of fatal accident already occurred in recent months. The reason for more deaths is due to craziness of taking selfie in danger zone such as Railway platforms and high-speed traffic corridors, Rooftops and balconies, bank of river etc .More deadly accidents happened in India recently, so it is time for the Government to impose no-selife area zone for the users to control the fatal-occurrence.Also it is now time for the well-developed technology of smartphones companies that they should find how to control the accidents occurred during taking selfies. They should develop such technology in smartphones that recognise no-selfie areas and disable the front-facing camera at such danger selfie zone.

You should always remember that first be in safe zone before taking selfie , so that you can see your selfie with smile in future .

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