Shakira celebrates her Father’s 85th birthday- Shared selfies

shakira selfie with her father

You can’t stop listening the mesmerize voice of her that always takes the attention of the audiences immediately —her songs always succeed to leave mark infront of her audiences and Fans. Yes of course, these all words are right fit for Shakira—the Colombian rockstar has recently shared her photos while she celebrating her Father’s 85th Birthday with other family members.

She took selfie with her father with smiley faces “Happy 85th Birthday, papi!!!” Moreover, she also shared a photo of herself with her father and mother and captioned it saying, “Thank you all for your warm messages full of beautiful wishes for my dad on his birthday!”

Her Father is William Mebarak Chadid

Now Anti-Harassment filter from Instagram- Save posts from unwanted comments


Anti-Harassment Filter

Many often the Instagram users face disrespectful comments on their images and posts on Instagram by their followers or other Instagram users, which at a time lead harassment among them. Sometimes the amounts of those comments are much more that the users scare to post anything afterwards on Instagram. This is not only in the case of Instagram, but Social networks like Twitter and a few others as well.

But now Instagram has taken it much seriously and that is why they are going to build the incredible anti-harassment tools. These tools will allow the users to create their own banned words lists, meaning by creating a list that contains the words (seem unwanted) they could able to defend their posts from those critical and disrespectful words. This new anti-harassment tool also let the users to turn comments off on a photo-by-photo basis.

By the way, the hot issue is that Instagram is going to deal with this critics matter, but twitter is doesn’t. Instagram already started testing these features with celebrities and it is very likely to be featured first in “High-Volume” accounts and then after available for other accounts, as written by the Washingtonpost.

Eventually, Instagram has yet to decide whether which version or feature they will roll out to almost 500 Million active users.

Via- Wasingtonpost

Kourteny Kardashian is 5 ft. tall used a chair to take selfie

KourtenyUsually, the crazy selfie lovers try to take their selfies from very unique angles or sometimes by sleeping, after bathing with soaked hair and by many poses. But recently, we got surprised that the beautiful Television Personality Kourteny Kardashian had to use chair to get her own perfect selfie. Yes, it seems crazy, but may be due to her short height of only 5-feet, she might have to do so.
Kourteny Kardashian, 37-years old shared her own selfie with swimsuit physique, where you can see her standing on a chair and taking selfie. Actually, she is on Vacation in Nantucket with ex Scott Disick, 33.

Methods to block someone on Instagram

You can save yourself from unwanted comments that are constantly passing by someone for the purpose to harass you. You just can block him/her so that your photos or anything that you posts wouldn’t be displayed to him and the best part your Instagram friends doesn’t have to know about being blocked by you.

So use these handy steps to block someone’s comments that don’t matter to you in anyway.


Before going ahead the important thing that you should know is that you can block someone using the Instagram app on your phone or tablet only but not on the websites.

Methods to block someone on Instagram

  • As usual open the Instagram app
  • Then open the profile of the username (You want to block)
  • Different icons are displayed in different OS, Tap (iPhone/iPad), (Android) or (Windows)
  • Now you have silly option that is block user (tap on block user)
  • Then get your job done.