How to take scream selfie?


Just scream loudly to get snapped by your phone’s selfie camera. You have to do nothing just set your phone’s position and then scream and the Triggertrap selfie app will take the responsibility to snap you. However, the app is of great use because many selfie lovers love to take their own selfie by making different expressions, so that is by screaming. The app is designed with vastly superior features including its live view mode. As soon as the shout hits the required number of decibels, the pixelated screen will clear and the camera snaps a selfie,” as said Triggertrap.


With the smart face detection built the selfie camera will be able to snap photos when there is a face on the frame etc.

scream selfie contest

The scream selfie is not going on anywhere around the web, however, you can share your best shots captured with a triggeredtrap app with us- DM us on Instagram

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