Two dead due to Selfie addiction


The addiction of taking selfie  is so much among the teenagers that they even not cared their life during taking selife.

This is the event outside an airport in Turkey, when two of the friends were killed by a truck when they were taking pose by laying down on the road to get a selfie with a plane in the background.

The dead teenagers were Muhammet Bozkurt, 17, and Caglar Savasci, 19. All the five friends were hired a car for a road trip from Alanya to Antalya, a coastal route in the south west of the country.

Their friends explained that all of them wanted a selfie with landing planes, but due to darkness, the truck driver didn’t see them and rolled over the truck.

After investigation, the police confirmed that they had all been drinking alcohol.

Hence such news is definitely showing the madness for selfies among the teenagers. Also alert the selfie takers to keep their mind and eyes open and think hundred times not to cross the limit where death is waiting for them.


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