Worst selfie of 2015: Couple Takes Selfie with Burning hotel in the background


According to RT.com report, the fire took a 63-storey luxury hotel The Address Downtown, Abu Dhabi in its grip at 9pm on New Year’s Eve .More than 20 people were injured in this incident.

At the spot a shameless couple took the selfie with the burning hotel and posted it on social media. In return the person received lots of dislikes and hates for his irresponsible behavior, also the social media users blamed the person by expressing “the most inappropriate selfie ever” and “people are stupid”.

At the same time about more than ten thousand people were enjoying the large fireworks display at the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


Hence, such example shows the increase in insanity of human nature in these days and also the craze of selfie makes the person to search the enjoyment even in the injured and dead bodies of his other brothers, which is not the part of healthy selfie.


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